What is direct selling?

Direct selling is a way of commercializing products and services using a person-to-person selling structure.

Both large multinationals and small businesses use this structure for the commercialization of products as varied as jewelry, cosmetics, kitchenware, appliances, and nutritional products, among others.

There are many ways of organizing a direct selling business. These can operate in a one-to-one model (usually based on a prior agreement in which a vendor demonstrates the product to a consumer). They also can be structured through a meetings mode (where the products are sold after a demonstration addressed to a group of potential clients by a vendor, usually at the home of a host who invites other people for this purpose).

This kind of commercialization allows millions of people with an entrepreneur spirit to watch, try, and judge the product in their spare time, at their homes or among friends. All the products are delivered to households, which is especially useful for consumers in rural areas and small towns, by making available products and services which are not available through other commerce structures (e.g., retail).


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